Tigress Stravyn®️: The Meeting: Age 8 days

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01b34984189851c14c12ab621ad28235639362a4fb 01f43a6dc2cc212ffcb32e2b5a895a7c0d269f1a69 011fc510c022f160b1cc9053e1a590fca1dc719d4e 01701228c5609b01c77a0712bf4515a8c6ee596f32 I guess the first place to start is at the beginning.  I was 8 days old.  So sleepy.  I still walked around with my eyes closed.  Then I heard something very different.  “Stravyn” I hear.  Hmmmm What was that Music!  “Stravyn” I hear again.  I just knew that was me.  Something inside me said that was my name.  But who would know it?  I opened my eyes and Barked a LOUD MEOW! There he was.  A little fuzzy. But I knew him.  It was my Papa calling my name “Stravyn!”  I think I bounced or tripped(on purpose of course)  And yelled back MEOW.  Papa Papa Meow!  His hand was so big because I fit right in it. There were some other fuzzy people around saying “I cant believe it she knows her name!”  Well why wouldn’t I know my name.  After all.  I am.  Tigress Stravyn!


3 thoughts on “Tigress Stravyn®️: The Meeting: Age 8 days

  1. Now I know why your captions are so witty and apropo. You’re a writer!
    what a sweet meeting with your girl, Stravyn!
    May I ask who her breeder is?
    Thank you.


  2. The big photo at the beginning of the article ( for which I thank you very much) is gorgeous. I want to print it and put it in a frame.


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