Tigress Stravyn™ Goes to the Farmers Market

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Going to the farmers market is a weekly event for my papa. I have been going since I was about four months old.  I have a Red buggy Grandmaw got me for my adventures. People seem to love seeing me in it at the market. They always point. “OMG a cat” I hear all day.  When I go to the market with my grandmaw we look at the same things.  I love all these sparkly things that she calls jewelry.  It’s at the market that I first met those things called dogs. More about dogs in a minute.

Before we go to the market Papa writes out a list of fruits and vegetable we need to get.  I have to quickly memorize this list because he always leaves the paper at home.  Papa must be trying to improve my memory by leaving it at home each week!  Meow bananas, meow radishes.  I have a good memory.

About those dogs.  IMG_0077I have to tell Papa where to go but most Dogs have to pull their Humans around on a leash.  It’s funny to watch since Humans don’t follow their dogs too well.  “Come here!” Yell the humans at their dogs. Which doesn’t make sense since they are being pulled so nice by their dogs.  Sniffing these dogs that come up to my buggy to say hi is a lot better then sniffing some of those humans who try and touch me with out my permission.  Growl, Hiss!

I do pose for many pictures while I’m shopping.  Quickly I turn my face to show people my nice rosettes and markings on my back when they pull out their cameras.  I have to finally show them my face or they won’t stop taking pictures.   

Chicken Thighs please!

free samples for my papa please!


which one should i get?


Apples are on the lists!


just chicken please. all of it !!


I dont want a pair , only one! oh i get it-a Pear!


so tired from shopping