Tigress Stravyn® Learns to Drive a Car

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Usually I’m busy going places when I’m not napping or on my cat wheel.  So I thought I should learn to drive.  Humans start at 16 to drive well I’m now 23. 23 months that is!   I always just sit in the car while My Human, Papa, drives around.  Meow! Left I yell. Meow right. Papa almost always never listens.

This is a steering wheel. This driving thing doesn’t look hard so far.

Which car should I learn in.  Hmmm Grandmaw’s car maybe?

I notice that humans always seem to yell in their cars. And they give mean funny faces. I better practice that. “Meow, road Hog!” I yell. “How was that papa?”

I help Papa run errands.  Her we are just leaving the bank.  “Meow!Papa drive faster or let me drive now”

Wow my first or is it my second lesson!  Seat belts on. Papa says green lights mean go and yellow lights mean go Faster! “Got it papa”
“Meow.  Papa I’m driving!”  Look papa a dog in a car! Oh, sorry that was just a long haired guy. Hmmm or was it?

  Others cars follow so close!  That funny one keeps on following me!

“Hey Papa that car following us has such pretty lights on the top of it! But it’s so loud! I better pull over so I can tell them how loud the sounds are coming from their car.”

It’s a police officer.  He wants to know if I saw that Red light. “Meow, yes officer but papa never told me what the red lights meant.” I meow cutely.

Can I see your license the officer asks.  “Meow, sometimes dogs have to get licenses but not cats!” I tell the officer.

Oh no he’s asking for Papa’s autograph. I wonder why?

Its getting late so I better drive Papa home. There’s  that car with the human with the long hair. Wait I think it is a dog driving like me! “Now that’s crazy!” I meow loudly

Such a long day. I need a rest. Remember to check out my earlier blogs. The links are below. Meow!