Tigress Stravyn® goes Exploring at the Park

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I was in the middle of a game of Hide and Pounce when Papa yelled, “Do you want to go to the park Stravyn!”  I looked up!  The park! Of course. Darn it now I messed up my great hiding place!

After a quick drive we were at the park. Only one street to cross.  “Look both ways Papa!” I meow.

This park has so many places to explore. Papa says “Look a outdoor gym.” That confused me since we all know that a “gym” is a place where humans dress up funny and then leave us animals for a little bit to take a nap and then they return with Pizza! That’s how papa goes to the Gym! Hmmm I don’t smell pizza yet. I’ll just explore this funny thing that papa is playing with.

We then went to watch some humans hitting a yellow cat toy back and forth.  Papa called it Tennis.  I didn’t really understand it.  The way I play is to hit the ball around the house until it goes under the sofa.  That’s what I call a fun game of tennis!

Papa look a rock climbing wall. Let’s try it!

Am I at the top yet?

Ummm papa you can go down the slide first!

There were so many dogs walking their humans. But what really interested me was the squirrels!  They were trying to hide but I can spot them. “There is one now!” I meow

There was even a lake at the park with some funny ducks.  Well I guess all ducks at funny!


The time went very quick!  Time to go home and see if my toy chipmunk looks like any of the animals I saw at the park.

After being outside in the hot park I’ll take a quick bath and then a little rest!

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Tigress Stravyn® Takes a Summer Vacation

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I got to go visit Grandmaw recently which means a plane ride!  Check out an older blog I wrote about flying in an airplane. I love to fly except when I have to wait for breakfast. “Papa we took off over 3 minutes ago and I still haven’t been served any food!” I meowed.

While I am at Grandmaw’s house I have certain fun duties. Early in the morning I wake up my human I call Papa and then go check for squirrels, ducks, birds, and chipmunks. “Papa it’s 5am and the sun is up so Get Up and open the window blinds.” I meow.

In the afternoon I like to help Papa in the garden. We like to play ‘hide and pounce’ but I always find him. “Papa I see you behind the trees” I meow.

I also help in the garden by looking for weeds for Papa to pull out.  “No weeds here Papa”

“Here’s a weed Papa. Hurry pull it before it grows any bigger!”

In the afternoon I go on the porch and read signs that my Grandmaw like to hang up. “I like this one.” I told Papa.

It’s time for a snack while resting outside. Chicken thighs of course. “Papa lunch was supposed to be served 3 minutes ago!” I meow loudly.

After lunch and a nap I like to go for a quick buggy ride.  Even if it’s raining lightly I still want to go. Luckily my Grandmaw has a large umbrella for me. “Grandmaw my tail got a drop of rain on it!” I meowed.

I have many friends here that come visit me. One friend is a dog named Dolly. We love to play the staring game. “You blinked Dolly” I meow. “No I didn’t” said Dolly. “Hehe you just did now.  I win!” I meow.

After a busy day I always have to take a little before dinner nap.

After I’m rested and eat well I need some more exploring. “Papa please take me on another buggy ride.” I meow nicely.

After a long day it’s time to go to bed. I start to go to the bedroom and if Papa doesn’t follow me I have to politely remind him it’s bedtime. After all humans need our help when they go off of our schedule. I meow LOUDLY “Papa, I said it’s bedtime! I’ve been waiting 3 minutes!”

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