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Catsitter! This is what our Human’s call someone who comes into our homes when they leave on a trip without us. As you can understand NO cat likes this.  Why you ask? Well, we have spent so much of our Very important time training our human to handle our many needs. And then suddenly a new untrained Human appears to serve us. Then we have to train that Human. This is why its usually very stressful for a cat. I, Tigress Stravyn, did tell my Human, that I call Papa, that I want a very very special Catsitter.  I want my Grandmaw!

I have been training my grandmaw ever since I was a little kitten. One very important note.  Grandparents are the easiest Humans to train. I just have to give a little stare and a Meow. “I want chicken thighs for breakfast!” I meow.  Yay here comes my chicken thighs breakfast! Yes its that easy.

If you want more tasty food then just use the pouty eyes, big ears and crybaby mouth look. “Yes a second helping Please!! Thanks Grandmaw.

It is very important to let your cat sitter know that they are doing a good job or they will be very disappointed in themselves. We must always remember they are just human.  While Grandmaw is watching the TV I climb near the ceiling and Meow loudly! “Your doing GREAT Grandmaw!!”

It’s also very important for you to interact with your cat sitter. If you don’t do this your cat sitters will get very bored and then start to watch TV, read a book, eat, or worse. . . Start to move around your perfectly placed toys.  I asked Grandmaw to take me on rides in my buggy so this wouldn’t happen. “Let’s go for a ride, Grandmaw!” I meow with my eyes open wide!  Make sure to smile real big and no one will resist.  Then you can always get what you want.

Oh no Grandmaw is taking me on a crazy path!  “Go Left!” Grandmaw I meow. ” No Right!”

You also can use a cute look to get nice pets and belly rubs. And those great scratches above the tail. “Tail butt scratchys Grandmaw!” I meow!

Your sitter will know you are missing your Human so they will try to tell you funny stories. Remember to laugh even though they aren’t that funny. “Oh Grandmaw that was a funny joke!” I meow.

You may be wondering how could a Human go away and leave a Beautiful Fierce Feline. Well my Papa went to visit some very distant cousins of mine. So it was sort of a family trip he went on. Also he went very far away to a rainforest and a Cloud forest so that’s why he couldn’t take me.

I got to video talk with him through the phone.  “Wow Papa that’s a fast moving bird!” Of course I knew it was a female hummingbird because of the white on its chest. Their hearts beat as slow as 100BPM resting and over 1,200BPM while photo bombing my Papa!

“Papa did you play with any other birds? You know I like birds.” I meowed. He then showed me something he called Toucans. They looked like fun to feed I told him. Hmmm I notice there were 3 cans not the two-cans Papa said. Maybe he didn’t see the one behind him.

Papa then showed me my distant cousins. First a Jaguar just about 2 years old.

I told Papa “Show me more pictures of my distant cousins!”

Then he showed me a ‘Oncilla’ he has been visiting. It’s also know as a little Tiger Cat.

I listened to Papa talk about his trip and stared into the video on the computer. And even though I loved having my Grandmaw cat sit, I wanted my Papa to return home.

He told me that if I go to sleep that when I wake up he would be home. I quickly tried to sleep!

And in the morning while I was getting ready Papa walked in. “Papa!!!” I yelled!!!!!!

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Tigress Stravyn® How To Help Your Human part 2

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While on a doggy/Bengal outing recently with my puppy friend Sophie her Human told my Papa a old story which goes like this;

A dog thinks. “The people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with food and a nice place to live and take care of me. They must be God’s”…While A cat thinks. “The humans I live with feed me, love me, provide me with food, a house, play with me and take care of me; I must be a God!”

As all Beautiful Fierce Felines know this is a truth that has never been debunked. But it is not all as glamorous as it seems. As with part 1 of this post titled How to Help Your Human this part 2 shows that we still have to take care of our humans and it is not an easy job.

As I was thinking about this Sophie my dog friend was trying to beat me in a race at the farmers market but I came out ahead by a whisker. “Hurry papa!” I meow.

I’ll list some examples below to show some helpful things we can do to help our humans so their time can be freed up to pamper us more.

When our Humans drive and we are not sleeping it is very important to help them with directions.  I know we love our humans but we always have to have a watchful eye. Even if you’re not paying attention when you hear the GPS say “recalculating!” It’s time to tell your Human MEOW! We are lost! And we are low on food!!!!!

Our humans like to take many pictures of us and we can help them by every once in a while hold still and look regal for them to take a funny picture.

Sometimes it’s had to look Regal in the many pictures our humans take. But just put up with it for a little bit and you can always reward them later with a nice love kiss with your teeth. “That finger that just took this picture is going to get a nice little bite !” I meow.

I have a Papa that takes me so many places. Another thing I like to do for my human when we are out is to make sure those funny drinks he orders are safe.The best way I like to do this is to either stick my nose in it or if you can’t stick your nose in it then make sure some fur flies into the drink.

We can also help are humans by teaching them new games. Here I’m teaching my papa how to play gin rummy. “I win papa.” I meow.  He says “no you didn’t”. I reply with a loud meow/growl “I WON!” And of course I was right I did win!

Always help your human when they shop. “Get the chicken seasoning papa” I meow.

Our humans will always bring us home new toys. Of course as any cat knows all we want are brand-new boxes, bags, or strings. Still we must pretend to show an interest in the toys they bring us so they will feel like their time and energy was spent well. “Yes I love it Papa. Yawn! Don’t you see me playing with it?” I meow.

When putting away items like paper towels or toilet paper organization is the key to fitting in as many items as you can in a small storage area. I like to help my papa out with this as much as I can. “It’s full papa no more room in here!” I meow.

Well all these helpful hints are making me quite tired while I take a nap please check below for my older blogs which offer for more helpful advice.  Meow!!!

Any questions feel free to reach me or my papa at Tigress@Stravyn.com