Tigress Stravyn® Training your Human Part 2 of many!

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As we all know when something floats, flys, or walks by, us cats jump, swat, follow, or just ignore it. Humans on the other paw stare for hours at the same thing and dont notice anything else.  That else is us cats of course.  This prolonged staring causes their eyes to need funny glasses and they get bad posture.  “Hey 4-eyes I’m talking to you!”

“Papa this is what will happen with too much TV!”

It’s up to us to help train them to focus on other things.  As you have guessed I have been talking about computers, phones, TV’s, and tablets.

Our humans are addicted to computer things like a laptop, tablet, or phone. They stare at them for hours.  Leaving us with only a 1/2 full food dish and enough water to only last for a few days!  To help your human you must distract them from their hypnotic glare at this screens. Here are some ideas to do this.  You can come up with some of your own also.

The first thing to try is to stare at them as much as they are staring at the screen.

A laptop is great to scratch one’s whiskers and flex one’s paws on the keyboard. Don’t worry about which keys you hit or walk on your human will always jump and play or push at you.  This means they want to play more.  Keep doing this until you get bored or the world “delete” comes on the screen then go take a nap.

A tablet and phone require more skill. If your human is playing a game then time your tail swishing with the human’s game. They will be delighted to take a break and give you some scratches. Watching TV a is another human addition. Too much watching can be bad for their posture and eyes. While they are watching something on the screen you can use them for a quick nap. But remember we must make sure they move around a bit. The flat screen TVs are great for stretching and showing off one’s pretty fur. Tapping actors on the cheek of a actor on the screen is a fun game and will surely get your human moving. Stepping on the button on the powerstrip will turn off the TV. But don’t do this  too much because humans aren’t that bright and may take awhile to figure out what happened.

When all else fails you can always use a secret weapon for getting what you want from a human. Yes the CUTE look. You can try practicing this in front of a mirror.

When your done practicing. Give them the “cute look”. This should take them away from whatever it is they are doing!

One last trick we have if nothing else works. Yes you guesses it. The thing no human can resist. Turn Upside down!!

No human can resist this.  Also try to get your human to read a book.  It’s a little better than watching a screen.  Also with books you can play with the pages. Biting the pages is so much fun also.

Yawn I’m getting so sleepy.

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