Tigress Stravyn® Explores the Florida Keys 

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This past Friday started with me looking over my map of World domination.  I’m sure all of us cats have something like this in one form or another. My map lists places I’ve been to, or read about, or my human I call Papa has told me about.  I noticed a spot close by called the Florida Keys. I have never heard about this area so I decided to read a little bit about these “keys.”

Hmmm it says right here that it’s a collection of islands that have exotic wildlife like birds and fishes. “Meow! Birds and fishes!” I yell.  I’m going to tell Papa to take me there today!!

I helped Papa pick out some chicken thighs for me for the road trip!!

When I got in the car I heard a bark from the backseat!  “Hey what are you doing here?” I meowed.  Sophie my dog friend said “I’m going to the Florida Keys.” “Papa we might need more food.” I meowed

As usual I have to help my human with directions. “Papa I think we should have taken a left there! Meow! Like I told you!” Then Sophie barks from the backseat, “Bark.  I knew he was going to miss that left turn!”

When we arrived there were people everywhere.  “Meow.” I said “I’m looking for exotic birds and fishes!”

I decided to ask some people about the exotic wildlife I read about.  “Meow” I said loudly!!

A human jumped and said “Oh my a Cat!”  “Meow” I replied. “I’m looking for fishes and birds” I told him.

“I’m a Captain.” he told papa. Then he said he catches fishes just a short distance away on his boat. Then the Captain looked at me and said “Arr, mate you would make a cute little pirate. In Ye quest for exotic wildlife remember that the state bird of Florida is the mosquito!” Then he laughed and I looked at Papa and said, “Meow! Papa humans are even more weird than usual in the Florida keys!”

“Meow. Papa take me to the pier where the captain is pointing to so I can see the fishes!”

Grrrr no fishing!  I don’t understand since the captain said fishes were over here.  Hmmm maybe I need a boat like he has.

“No papa. Those boats looks to scary for me! I might get my tail wet!” I meowed.

I have an idea. I see kayaks in the water.  “Papa. Let’s go get a kayak.”

The person renting kayaks said we have to give them identification.  I quickly leaned down and showed him my head. “These are Bengal head markings they are for Identification to a cat.” I meowed. Hmmm he didn’t seem to understand.  Typical human.

Papa was staring at something in the water. I meowed “Papa what is it?”  He replied “Look Stravyn a pink Cadillac limo floating in the water!”  I think the sun was starting to get to Papa but I looked and to my surprise I saw it!!!

It was getting late, the sun was starting to set and all the humans were going over to the waters edge to watch it.

It was so pretty.  But it started to get cold so I bundled up.  

“Sophie better get under some covers!” I meowed. But Sophie was already under covers.  

It was time to go home after a long day.  “One last look at the sunset?” I asked papa.

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