Tigress Stravyn® watches Squirrel TV

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One of my morning duties as all Animals know is to check the perimeter each morning for anything that out of place. We do this to make sure are Human is safe. I like to do this an hour before my Human, Papa, wakes up. Of course I have to meow And MEOW to get him to open the bedroom door while he is sleeping.

If Papa doesn’t get up right away I have to Meow again and give him the “Hurry Up!” open the door papa look!

When Papa and I are visiting Grandmaw (check out my riding in a plane blog posted last week to see how I got to Grandmaws) checking the perimeter is a Big event and lasts all morning. She has so many windows to look out and so many items to check over.  

This brings me to what Grandmaw calls Squirrel TV.  It’s not a real TV but don’t tell Grandmaw.  Humans love to watch TV so when I just humor them.

Squirrel TV happens when I am looking out the window protecting my human and a fuzzy giant creature with a puffy tail and funny face walks by looking for food. “A squirrel,” I meow. They run, stop, look around, and run again.  Silly animals only Cats can look majestic doing that! Here is my majestic look!

Wait what’s that!  It’s not a squirrel. Smaller. A chipmunk!  Hmmm they are cuter than the squirrels. Zoom! It ran off. And just as fast as it came it left.


For the rest of the morning I watched and waited but no more chipmunks. I guess they went to Grandmaws neighbors house. They don’t like them over there. I meow to Papa, “I want to see them again! I know Lets try putting out some snacks and see what we can attract. EEK Papa a bug!!” I meow

Where is papa?  Oh well let me look around for something to put out to attract more chipmunks. Hmmm a brownie and a cookie. Maybe they will work at attracting the little critters. I’ll set them on the table and go look for papa to put them outside. I hear papa and run back over to the table. “Papa those were to attract the furry critters!” I meowed loudly.  Hmmm I guess it worked.

  Papa said we should try sunflower seeds. We threw some outside and within a few minutes the chipmunks came back.


What a busy morning. Yawn.  I need a rest before my nap!

Don’t forget to read my earlier blogs. You can find them below. Yawn. Must rest now. Bye!


Tigress Stravyn® How to Train your Human. Part 1 of many!

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Here’s a treat Papa. You deserve it.

My previous post on “How to be a BFF- Beautiful Fierce Feline” involved a lot of training with my Human I call Papa.  However, to train your Human doesn’t have to be very tough at all.  Each Human is so different that you really need many, many training tools and techniques.  I’ll briefly cover some of the ways I helped train my Human which in reality is a lifelong process.  Don’t worry though they are fun to train just have lots of patience.

Humans have there own way of doing things but with a few short lessons they will be doing those things our way soon! Meow!

Lets start with the simple things. My food dish.   

 Papa used to think that empty meant that there was no food in the bowl.  Growl! So not true!  This is a easy lesson since humans are just like us cats on this subject.  Watch your human closely and you will see that they open the food area called a refrigerator or a pantry.  They look inside.  It is filled with yummy food but they say there is nothing to eat and then go to a place called Costco or a grocery store and get so much more food that there is nowhere to put it.  We cats understand this.  When your food dish is near the bottom, meaning you can see part of the bottom or even think it is near the bottom you must alert your human so they know this is unacceptable.  A polite MEOW! and sitting next to the food bowl staring at them should do the trick


When papa says, “Stravyn you have food.”  “But Meow papa” I say.  Papa then quickly replies, “Aww ok Tigress I’ll fill it up with some more food.”  I smile and walk away with out eating any of it. Training complete.  Humans do learn fast.

Another item to teach your human about is Doors.  They tend to shut them.  This is a weird trait that can be broken with some lessons.  Whenever they go into a room and shut the door you must immediately stop whatever it is your doing even a nap…well maybe not a nap. “Is that a door shutting I hear! Meow”

Run to the door.  Start with a meow. If the door doesn’t open then try a little tap then scratch, add another MEOW, put your paws under the door.  The door should have opened by this time. Now walk into the room ONLY halfway.  Look around. Sit if you feel like it. Cleaning your fur would be ok also at this time then leave and go back to whatever it was you were doing.  Sometimes Papa will close the door again.  Simply repeat the steps. When they say, “What do you want? Fine I’ll keep the door open.” means they are learning!

Your human naturally wants to play without any training. “Here’s a toy Papa! Meow!”

You just have to show them how you like to play and they will learn fast.  For my Papa I allow him to throw a toy across the room.  I run to it. Sniff it. Then I either walk away or sit next to it and look at Papa.  Again a good time for a small bath. These movements or lack of movements tells your human they are doing a good job playing. Papa will run over grab the toy and throw it again.  I run to it, sniff, repeat. “meow” I say.  When Papa says, “Fine I’ll go get it again.” it means lessons complete.  Remember to play with the toy alone when they are watching TV or reading. You will see such great facial movements from your human when you do this.

Papa stop shutting the door!

Time for a belly rub before I check my food bowl!

A pen for some more notes on training your human!     

Yawn, Time for a nap. More training tips soon. Remember to check below for older posts to read up on past adventures! Any questions or comments can be emailed to Tigress@Stravyn.com