Tigress Stravyn® explores Her Butterfly Garden

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It’s a rainy day so my usual morning routine of looking outside and visually Stalking Ducks, random birds, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Giraffes, and Zebras will have to wait until later.  Since I have time I’ll share with you one of my recent adventures to my Butterfly Garden.  Papa calls it the Seryn Butterfly Garden.

The afternoon started inside. I was resting in between naps and Papa comes running inside.  “Stravyn! Stravyn!  Look what was just Born in the Butterfly Garden!” Papa yells.


Its the same colors as my fur coat I noticed.  A Monarch Butterfly Papa tells me.  Hmmm Monarch indeed!  I’m a Tigress which is the highest of all Titles!  Actually I love the Monarchs.  Love them BUT “Papa they belong outside! Outside NOW!” I meow loudly. Outside we go!


So bright!  And I didn’t bring my sunglasses.   Aside from Monarchs I have many plants to look at and almost Sniff before Papa pulls me away.


“I think the butterfly should be set on the Fairy Garden plant Papa!” I Meow.  The Monarch probably thinks its a new home. Silly Monarchs.  I’ll tell about how I helped Papa make it another time but isn’t it pretty.  Sniff Sniff hmmmm butterflys smell funny. They live between 2-6 weeks so I am always meeting new Monarch friends.


Papa, its flying away.  I’ll get it.  Steady, little Monarch.  I’m just a Ferocious Bengal Tigress with BIG paws and I just want to pet you. I think the butterfly is sweating!!



I think I see a Monarch before its born.  They are called caterpillars before they are Butterflies.  And you wouldn’t believe how different they look.  Let me see….I think I see one to show you.  “Papa push my buggy to the right.”  I meow.  I always travel outside in a Red buggy!


“Here’s one Papa”” Hmmm two of them, No Three!!” I meow “they stray as catapillers for 10-14 days” I meow


All they do is eat and poop!  Hmmm very similar to a place Papa calls a Buffet!!  This is the only plant they eat. Its called Milkweed.  So pretty!  “look Papa! A ladybug!”


The caterpillars are near my Cat Whiskers plant.


I have seen 4 different types of butterflies in The Butterfly Garden.  Also, I have so many plants to explore when there are no ducks or birds to Meow at.


So many things to explore but I’m going to rest on this table!

“Papa that’s not how to take a good Picture of me!”


“Here give me the Phone Papa.  I want to try taking a selfie!!!

Ears Pointed UP!  Whiskers out!  Eyes open Wide. Are my lips Puffy?!”


I need a better view.  Hmm what’s this a statue of ME!  Queen of the garden.  I am a good ruler!


Time to go inside.  “Back to my buggy.  I want to say good bye to the Monarch before I go.” I meow


So Sleepy.  Back inside for a quick afternoon nap!


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Tigress Stravyn® Takes an Airplane Flight

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The suitcase came out of the closet. I growled. I never like that. It means Papa is going somewhere. “Stravyn we are going to visit Grandmaw” Papa said.  “Picnics, car shows, farmers markets, boating.” Meow! So many appearances for me to make.  I better start to pack.  “Papa the cat rule is that if your standing on it it’s yours.  I’m standing on the suitcase Papa let’s fill it up with my toys and my other essential items like chicken flavored toothpaste….hmmm and more toys!”

I don’t think we will have enough room for anything of yours Papa! Meow! Hehe.

With my packing done we go to a place called an airport to ride in a plane. Airports are very big with so many people walking and running and also standing and waiting.  Humans are such funny creatures. We have to go through a place called Security! This is a very strange place.  Papa had to get in a line with others humans. “Meow hello” I say. The humans around me reply “is that a cat!” I answer back, “meow, I am a BFF-Beautiful Fierce Feline!” I forget humans can’t see as well as cats and I am in a small case. Papa now has to take me out of the case so we can walk through security.  “OMG look at that a cat.” I keep hearing.

Finally we board the plane.  A plane is like a big car with wings. A man with a hat is looking at me.  “Hi, I’m the pilot you sure are a beautiful cat is this your first flight?” He says. “Meow. No this is my 7th flight.  Is this your first flight?” I meow back. He turns and disappears into a small room with lots of lights and buttons.  I’d love to explore in there but papa says no. We go to our seats. “First class for you Stravyn.” papa says.

Lot’s of people are walking by my seat. Everybody looks tired and a little grumpy. Maybe because they need some naps?  I see a little boy and girl holding their mom and dads hands.  “Meow hello are you flying to see your Grandmaw?” I ask them. “Look mom a cat!” the girl yells. Her brother laughs. The grumpy looking people all start to smile. I hear. “What type of cat is that” “Can I take a picture of her?” “She is so pretty”.  Papa smiles at everyone. Humans look so much better when they smile.

What’s that movement outside the window? “Papa I can see my luggage. Where are they taking it? Meow. Those are my toys. Meow.

Ready to take off! Yay rumble! Let’s go faster papa! Zoom! Yay we are flying.

What’s this…a entertainment system! Let’s see movies types…drama, comedy, kids. “Papa where is the Tigress Stravyn channel?”

Hmmm what’s this. Safety instructions.  I better read this.

The rumble of the engines are putting me to sleep.  They are quieter than papa snoring. Just a little bit hehe!

While I rest I’ll watch all the shapes of the clouds fly by.

That cloud looks like a duck, no a chicken. No I’m just hungry.

Papa the movie is starting but I can’t hear it.  Everyone is wearing earphones.  Where are mine. Meow MEOW! “Stravyn cats don’t wear earphones.” Papa said.  Meow! Really papa?! Let me try please.” I ask papa.

Time for some lunch papa. Yuck no chicken!

With all the excitement I almost forgot to take a nap!

I’m trying but I can’t fall asleep.

Starting to land already.  This flight went by so fast.

Papa look I see a city.  We are going to land.  This is exciting papa!

Now to Grandmaws house. So sleepy. Maybe a short rest before I explore grandmaws house!

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