Tigress Stravyn® Takes a Summer Vacation

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I got to go visit Grandmaw recently which means a plane ride!  Check out an older blog I wrote about flying in an airplane. I love to fly except when I have to wait for breakfast. “Papa we took off over 3 minutes ago and I still haven’t been served any food!” I meowed.

While I am at Grandmaw’s house I have certain fun duties. Early in the morning I wake up my human I call Papa and then go check for squirrels, ducks, birds, and chipmunks. “Papa it’s 5am and the sun is up so Get Up and open the window blinds.” I meow.

In the afternoon I like to help Papa in the garden. We like to play ‘hide and pounce’ but I always find him. “Papa I see you behind the trees” I meow.

I also help in the garden by looking for weeds for Papa to pull out.  “No weeds here Papa”

“Here’s a weed Papa. Hurry pull it before it grows any bigger!”

In the afternoon I go on the porch and read signs that my Grandmaw like to hang up. “I like this one.” I told Papa.

It’s time for a snack while resting outside. Chicken thighs of course. “Papa lunch was supposed to be served 3 minutes ago!” I meow loudly.

After lunch and a nap I like to go for a quick buggy ride.  Even if it’s raining lightly I still want to go. Luckily my Grandmaw has a large umbrella for me. “Grandmaw my tail got a drop of rain on it!” I meowed.

I have many friends here that come visit me. One friend is a dog named Dolly. We love to play the staring game. “You blinked Dolly” I meow. “No I didn’t” said Dolly. “Hehe you just did now.  I win!” I meow.

After a busy day I always have to take a little before dinner nap.

After I’m rested and eat well I need some more exploring. “Papa please take me on another buggy ride.” I meow nicely.

After a long day it’s time to go to bed. I start to go to the bedroom and if Papa doesn’t follow me I have to politely remind him it’s bedtime. After all humans need our help when they go off of our schedule. I meow LOUDLY “Papa, I said it’s bedtime! I’ve been waiting 3 minutes!”

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