Tigress Stravyn® Rides in a Elevator 

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I just got back from a fun Adventure I have to tell you about. My human I call Papa, took me to a room that is called an Elevator.  This is no ordinary room. It’s very small, shiny, and has my reflection all over the walls. When you look at a wall you see yourself except your right whiskers are on your left side and your left whiskers are on your right side. My human called these walls a mirror.

“Oh Papa I remember mirrors from when I was a kitten!” I meowed. I used to jump at them because I saw another perfect kitten that looked like me.  “Grrr I’ll bite you if you keep staring at me!” I used to growl. Here is the look I once gave a mirror!

The mirror walls are not what makes this elevator room so interesting. You enter through a door that slides open and close. Then after my Human pushes a button the sliding door opens again to an entirely different area.

Other humans also come into the elevator. When ever a new human walks in they automatically say, “Oh my goodness a Cat!” “She looks like a tiger!” Meow! I reply “Hi, I’m Tigress Stravyn!”

A lady got in and told papa, “My friend has a cat that looks just like that.”  Well I have to tell you I almost fell out of my buggy laughing!! “There is no other Tigress Stravyn of course!” I Meowed loudly. The lady jumped back! Silly humans. They don’t see as well as us cats.

Papa pushed a button on the top of the wall and when we got out he took me to a place called a balcony. “I recognize this papa!” I Meowed as I looked down to the beach!

Let’s see how can I describe a beach to you.  Humans as you know, go to stores and buy all sorts of clothes to cover their bodies because they don’t have nice fur like us animals.  My grandmaw has more clothes than anyone I have ever seen! Well at a beach humans wear clothes.  Then they take off most of these cloths and then go sit on sand. It’s sort of like in a big litter box near water. If they are not sitting they are usually playing with cat toys like a colorful balls or they go and play in the water.  Then they put their clothes back on and leave. I must investigate this beach place more.

We went back into the elevator room. I looked and looked but there was no button that said Tigress Stravyn so I pushed the button that said Help Emergency!

The elevator room shook and An alarm started ringing! Papa jumped when I did this so I jumped also and hit a different button!

Finally the doors opened and we went back to the car to go home.  What an Adventure!  Back to the car.

Papa you better drive those ringing alarms made my whiskers curl!

Now I know what an elevator is and hopefully I’ll have more adventures in different elevators but for now i’m glad to be back home and just in time for a little nap!

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4 thoughts on “Tigress Stravyn® Rides in a Elevator 

  1. Stravyn you and Papa go on so many fun adventures I look forward to reading about them. I have a Bengal cat Snickers that looks like you. She is 18 years old now and I have her since she was 8 months old. Snickers is so spoiled but that’s how it should be.


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