Tigress Stravyn® How To Help Your Human part 1

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Humans always need our help.  At home or out in the wild our Humans need constant guidance. Without us superior beings to help them I couldn’t even Imagine how our Humans would live. Below are some short helpful hints.

Even when I was a kitten Tigress I had to help my Papa. “Here’s the ball, Papa!” I meow

To help Papa concentrate on what he is reading I sit near the book and try to tap on all the periods when he finishes a sentence and when he is ready to turn the page I help with that fun activity also. CHOMP !

When Papa drives I always have to help with Dirrections “Left I said papa!” I meowed.

If your human is on a diet you can certainly help with that also. “Papa if you Open this refrigerator I’ll bite your fingers!” I meow.

When it’s time for some chores I like to help Papa put away the paper towels!

Our help doesn’t always have to be with chores. When a person didn’t show up for poker night I filled in. “Ill bet everything and I’ll stay with these cards papa!”I meow.

When there is a party and papa runs out of chips I save the day!!  Bowl of Bengal anyone??

When out for a ride be sure to help your human if other cars come to close. “Get that thing away from my Papas car!!!!” I growled.

These short helpful hints are making me sleepy. Time for a little nap. Please check out my older posts below.  Bye meow!

Any questions feel free to reach me or my papa at Tigress@Stravyn.com


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