Tigress Stravyn™ Goes to a Full Moon Party

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“Full Moon Party. Do you want to go?” Papa, my Human asks.  As I research on my mini Ipad I got for my birthday I see the moon may be made of CHEESE!  Hmmm also says Wolves howl at the moon.  Might be dangerous!  Well I’m a Ferocious Bengal so I’ll protect my papa.  What’s this?  A man in the moon? He better not be taking the Cheese!!

“I’ll go online and look up the time of the full moon.” I Meow.

Hmmmm Its not to late I see.  I think I’ll order some cat toys while I’m online. Whats this?  Onefastcat ?  A cat wheel?  Ok, I’ll click this BUY NOW button.

Papa says I better take a nap so I’ll be awake tonight and not tired.  Yesterday I took Eight naps and now when I’m told to sleep I can’t.  I’ll lay down and try and sleep.

Maybe if Papa would put away that camera I could rest.

Well I’m in my buggy and ready.  Where is my Papa?

Finally at the beach.  All I see are seagulls, sand, waves, Canadians!

No moon yet.  Whats that smell….mmmm Pizza!  My Papa is Italian so I must be part Italian. I love the scents of many different foods. People don’t smell as good as food.

Night Time, Moon Time!  So many people are looking at me.  Here comes a dog pulling their Human.  As usual the Human doesn’t go where their dog is pulling them.  No Wolves and no cheese yet.  The internet was wrong!

So many clouds.  Where did the moon go.  Papa you look over there and I’ll look this way!



What a fun night.  Over 20 people took my picture.  I wonder why nobody took Papa’s picture?

I better drive home and let my Human rest.

Now back at home.  So, so sleepy.  Ocean air, sea breezes.  I was pushed in my buggy for several miles.  So tired.  Yawn.  Maybe I’ll just rest my eyes a little bit on this soft pillow.