Hello world!

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imageimageimageimageimage Hi I’m Tigress Stravyn™. I’m a Bengal cat that likes to explore the world and get into adventures when I’m not napping, resting, or sleeping.  Come follow the wonders of the world through the eyes of a Tigress Bengal.


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I’m very impressed of your cat’s exciting life story)) You should publish a real book with photos, I’m sure it will be a desk book for family reading! Or you can shift this text to a screenplay like a movie “Look who’s talking” with John Travolta and Kirstie Alley))) Good luck to you and your adorable cat! Waiting for your cat’s adventures on screen 😉

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  2. Noble Tigress Stravyn, it was lovely to meet your acquaintance this afternoon at the Farmer’s Market. You are quite a glamorous socialite!

    My fur-babies gave their human quite the sniff-down, when I arrived home. For the first time in history, the imported Italian cheeses made it to the frig without incident. Caesar, the floppy-earred hound with a bottomless tummy, was too curious about the scent of Bengal to launch a cheese-burglary on my way to the cucina. Portia, his playful twin sister, was admiring the blogs of Tigress’ beautiful garden adventures…and left noseprints all over mama’s touchscreen. Pawsitively exuberant hunters they are! Thank you, kindly, for helping me thwart the schemes of the cheese burglar.

    Again, it was meow-velous meeting you, Stravyn! I would be sure to wave hello, if I see you strolling along the boardwalk in your posh red chariot with your papa. Until then, enjoy many romps through lush fields of catnip and delicious caviar dreams.

    Uccidiamo il chiaro di luna ~ Gemma Blu

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