Tigress Stravyn® How to be a BFF- Beautiful Fierce Feline

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Puppies turn into Dogs. Cubs turn into Bears.  Chicks into Birds.(Mmm Tasty fun to play with)  Caterpillars into Butterflies.  A Fawn into a Deer.  But, The question I’ll answer is How does a kitten turn into a BFF. That’s a Beautiful Fierce Feline.  The answer as any Dog, Bear, Bird, Butterfly or Deer knows is…. Training. Training. Training

“You can’t see me, Papa, I’m not moving!”


“Hehe. Papa thinks I’m a stuffed animal.  I’m Ready to pounce!”

As a Bengal Tigress I had many training sessions with my Human Papa.  My two favorite were “Hide and Pounce” and “Stalk and Attack.”

One of the first things you realize in any training session is that when you stop moving and freeze in place you can become invisible.  It does take practice.  A Purr-fect technique for “Hide and Pounce” is to hide one eye behind a sofa or a door.  Doing this one eye technique and freezing in place really, really, really, makes you Extra Special Invisible.  You have to keep yourself from laughing when Papa says, “There you are. I was looking all over for you!”  When you hide in this way its easier for the Pounce!  When any human walks by you run and jump.  Grabbing the ankle or the back of the leg is always a great Pounce idea.  You will hear, “Hey you came out of nowhere!”  I know Papa Hehe!  I was invisible!  You can use “Hide and Pounce” training for pieces of paper, toys, human feet, shadows, bugs, or the thing humans call “What are you jumping at?” And of course …When Humans are carrying bags or a box this is the main technique to use.

“Stalk and Attack” training is so much fun.  Its different because you don’t have to be totally invisible.  You just move REAL slow with your head low to the ground.  Ears back and Flat to reduce wind resistance.  This is a great technique for the things I already listed AND for ducks, squirrels, birds, paper on a desk or indoor plants. The most important thing for a new kitten to learn is while Stalking and BEFORE the Attack is to wiggle you rear end!  This is probably the most important thing to learn!  It sets up your whole body for the attack.  You know its done correctly when you hear Humans say, “OMG that wiggle is so adorable!” Then they smile…and …. then you ATTACK!!!

“Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle.  Darn I forgot. Ears back!”

There is so many other things to learn also.  As a kitten you have to wake up all through the night to check on your human.  Once you figure out their sleep schedule it is customary to wake up your human 1 1/2 to 2 hours before their usual wake up time.  Papa loves this.  He rolls over and puts the blanket over his head.  “A tent Papa! How fun!”  I meow.

I like to combine everything I learn into a fun game that Papa calls “Bubble Attack.”  This is a training for both kitten and human.  Papa blows soap bubbles and then I attack them.

POP!  Soap on my nose! Meow!

All this talk of attack and pounce and seek and hide has made me so sleepy. Yawn! Remember a beautiful Fierce Feline also must learn to sleep in between naps and rest periods.  

Tigress Stravyn™ Reading in bed a book on cat Training attack techniques.




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